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Responsible Gaming
All games that we offer at betive aim to entertain you while being easily accessible and fun. However, we are aware of the fact that playing sportsbook and casino can be both frustrating and infuriating when things do not go the way you hoped they would. We encourage all players on betive to keep a close eye on their playing habits in order to see warning signals early and to keep control over their gambling.
betive recommend that all players set at least one gaming limit, a deposit limit on their account. This is to have a maximum depositing amount which can help to keep control of the gambling from start. The limit can be set per day, per week or per month to be adapted after what works best for you. Once a limit is reached, no more deposits can be made until the set time period has passed and a set limit can only be increased after a time for consideration of 7 days have passed. Feel free to direct any questions you might have regarding the limits to our customer service team.
If the limits turn out to not be enough to keep control of your gambling, we ask you to contact betive’s professional customer service. When you feel as though you are not able to control your gambling, closing the player account is the first step, and this is something that the support team can help you with.
All gambling on betive is illegal for anyone under the age of 18. An identification process can be carried out at any point in order to ensure the age of a player. This may include a temporary closing of an account in case of suspicion regarding the age of a player. The account can be re-opened as soon as a valid identification proves the age of the player to be over 18 years.
Seek help
There are a couple of ways to help yourself to stay away from gambling, in case you feel like you have lost control. First of all, if you suspect that someone in your home who is under 18 years of age have access to a casino, you can download apps like CyberPatrol or NetNanny which will block all usage of casinos and similar sites.
You have the possibility to block yourself from using your card at sites like casino. If this is something you wish to do, please contact your bank. There are also sites that allow you to block all casino related sites on your computer or mobile device, for example GemBlock.
If you feel as though you need assistance to quit gambling or if you have a close friend or relative that you are worried about, please contact any of the independent organisations that specialize in gambling problems. Most of them offer help for families and friends of people that struggle to control their gambling. Here are couple of the organisations you can contact:

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